FFA Site Submission – Generate 45,000 Leads Free.

Published: 20th January 2007
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A personal FFA can generate about 1500+ leads a day. That's 45,000 leads a month! FFA sites known as Free For All sites are a great way to generate traffic. They allow you to post your link to a webpage. You might say, 'but this is no good, many others are posting their links and mine never gets seen, at the best it only remains visible for 30 minutes and then is rolled off the screen to allow other postings'. This is true. But I don't mean that you use FFA to post your link.

We are going to use reverse marketing. When someone posts their link to your site you are entitled to send them one confirmation email. Within your email is a short sales message and a link back to your site (or affiliate program). How do you host your own FFA site you ask? One way is to get a copy of the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) script and do it yourself. Then plug it into a network. A better way is to let someone else do it for you. For information on this please visit FFA Site Submission http://www.1stmarketingtraffic.com/FFA-site-submission.htm

You can get the script from castlelinks. Or use matts script archive. They provide the details on how to upload it to your web server. The script is very robust and allows you to send an email for every person that posts to your FFA page. Very nice! If your hosting service allows scripts.

You can plug the script in and make it 'live' at worldwidepromoter*. You must become a member. Once you have your script working correctly on your servers than log-in to world wide promoter. Click on the link called 'Add Engine'. Follow the instructions, and in a couple of days you will get an email notifying you if your engine has been accepted. Please note, only submit one engine.Your site/scripts must be in working order, must be able to handle a lot of traffic and must be able to accept remote submissions from their domain. This service can submit anywhere from 2000-5000 submissions a day. Make sure your scripts and server are stable and capable of handling this many requests. Be warned, some servers cannot handle this amount of posts and your web hosting administrator may shut down your site. Ask your web host before hand if their servers can handle this type of script, or better still follow the next option below by using TrafficWave (download your FFA scripts and test them now to make sure they work! Follow the instructions on the Castle links webpage to set them up).

*Worldwidepromoter submit URL's to over 27695 search engines including Yahoo!, Google, Hot Bot and many other top worldwide search engines and directories as well as Country-specific search engines. It also submits to an amazing 3.7 million FFA (Free For All) link pages, over 144580 Classified Ads sites and over 20695 Message Boards!

Please Collect Your Free Software Bonus at FFA Free Site Submission http://www.1stmarketingtraffic.com/FFA-site-submission.htm

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